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Real Cats Use real claws, not stubs
Tragically, there are people who actually view the declawed cat as "normal". They don't know what they are missing
(but their cat does).  You don't experience a REAL cat if it's declawed. While declawed cats, not unlike a physically handicapped person, may adjust and never show outward changes, a declawed cat, unfortunately,  is a maimed cat,  unable to satisfy physical needs as nature intended.
(People against declaw SPEND their  money to stop it, not promote it to MAKE money!) ...Why? Because they have EXPERIENCED proof of declaw after-effects!
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Adopting the older cat or kitten...
Please don't pass up that older cat or kitten! They may take a week or longer to adjust to new surroundings but once they bond they are loyal loving pets. Older cats are less demanding or delicate as a small kitten, past the stage of  many problems, and waiting for your love.
Just be sure you have a *sanctuary room* ready before kitty's arrival, a nice tall, STURDY  berber or sisal covered cat tree, his own dishes filled with fresh water, nutritious food,  and litterbox in place, along with toys. Don't try to hold him at first, but coax him with affection. Let him come to you, and don't be discouraged if it doesn't happen within a few days, be patient. If there are other pets, make introductions slowly, but not untill the newcomer is getting used to YOU. Interchange blankets, toys and petting, but don't worry if your resident pet growls or hisses at YOU, they, too will adjust in time. Adopt an older cat today!
                                                                             Check  local shelters today-please give a generous donation to NO-Kill shelters.
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Scalpel or Laser? The cruel choice no one should make!

If ever you have seen a newborn kitten and looked at it's front paws, you would be reminded of a baby's hand. Looking at the back paws, you most definately would think of a human foot. Now envision an amputation-at the first digit, severed bone, skin, vein, tendon-not a pleasant thought.

Cats use their front claws to tug and pull, for that ever-satisfying exercise enjoyed by all in the feline world. (All felines NOT declawed!) They are also used to groom, to spear and hold an object, for many other daily tasks, kitty's front claws are like his fingers. His back claws are used as breaks to break a fall, for climbing, balance, scratching, for even more things than we use our toes for.

As experts and feline specialists have learned, longterm adverse effects of declaw are becoming more and more apparent as new evidence  comes to the forefront. We now link certain types of early diabetes, skin disorders, arthritis and chronic pain with this cruel, elective surgery. Personality disorders may or may not be aparent, such as biting, misuse of the litterbox as well as general lethargic behaviors.
When you adopt your next kitten or cat, DON'T Declaw, you can never give them back their
fingers and toes! ...So easy to train, so cruel to maim!
kitten's front foot
kitten's back foot
Every Cat's Claws-Their Fingers and toes!
Scalpel or Laser- the cruel choice NO ONE should make!
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Every Cat's claws
Their Fingers and Toes
Please GIVE generously to your local No-Kill Shelter!
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